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Doctor and Patient


New Diagnosis Way

Otomerge is a new method of diagnosis and treatment. The method uses the Cochlear Sampling Theory model of Roland Carrat, which is much more efficient and accurate than the traditional method. It indicates which part of the ear is damaged and not only hair cells. An audiologist can have a very precise diagnosis that can be used to obtain the best adjustment.

Doctor Diagnosis
Data Analyst
New target, fitting guidance

The new hearing aids targets proposed here give a clear method to fit hearing aids by directly dealing with what can be encoded by the hearing chain. These new targets propose an adjustment from the physiopathology of the inner ear of the patient to amplify only the part that can be coded from the ear canal to the brain.

Custom Tests & Sounds

Audiologist have very little control over hearing aid algorithms. But what can be done is to inform the customer of the listening result expected with hearing aids. Testing your patient's comprehension in noisy environment it is often quite an heavy task and tiring work for the patient. OtoMerge provides a set of test sounds that allow you to quickly assess the expected listening ability in noise. Custom sounds at your request can be created for a totally unique and exclusive experience in your hearing center. 

Recording Studio
Two people shaking hands
Customer Satisfaction = more sells

Save time on your sales with our solution that allows you to adjust hearing aids in an easy and comprehensive way. Even if you have a small store, it will be possible to achieve exceptional results thanks to our method. Making customers happy is the key to success. Each of these benefits will help to improve your business.

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