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This website presents the new method of adjusting hearing aids. I offer an automatic version of this method as software online. If you want to take a step ahead of your competitors, it is the way. This page shows you how it works, if you want a version for your hearing center please contact me and we can discuss how to make a custom version for your team.

Just 3 Steps.

Step 1

First, select the audiogram on the list that looks like the one you measured.

glenn-carstens-peters-RLw-UC03Gwc-unsplash (1).jpg

Step 2 

Tick the box to enter the anamnesis.


Step 3

Check everything and confirm your datas. It's done let's the magic happens.

Programming Console


Audiogram analyze and diagnosis

First the explanation of the audiogram you measured with your patient. The deconstruction of the curve measured explains what part of the inner ear is damaged. It is only possible because of the cochlear sampling theory. 

Fitting recommendation & new targets

The second step is some advices on how to help your patient to hear better. You'll find here the new way to amplify the sound to get the best of the hearing aids you chose for your customer. 

Tests & Custom Sounds

If necessary and if needed, custom sounds can be made and used in the software on demand. Some new tests are possible especially for some specific cases that can't be tested. For example, a flat "normal" audiogram. Why the patient can't understand in noise situation? 

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